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Smart Glass

Smart glass, switchable glass, magic glass, or PDLC glass, also called smart windows or switchable windows in its application to windows or skylights, refers to electrically switchable glass or glazing which changes light transmission properties when voltage is applied.

When the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules of the PDLC film are randomly oriented that scatters incident light and the smart glass becomes opaque or translucent. And when electricity is applied, the liquid crystal molecules line up, the incident light passes through, and the smart glass becomes transparent.

Singyes smart glass can be joined together forming one large panel controlled by a single switch, ultimately creating a privacy glass wall. Singyes technology offers a great variety of glass applications are possible.

Singyes smart glass can also be converted into a highly demanded rear projection screen with incredible image quality due to its liquid crystal properties which give high contrast features.

Exporeal 2015

ITO Film

ITO is a nano indium-tin oxide with good conductivity and transparency. It is used for spraying on glass, plastic and LED screens to enhance conductivity and transparency, and at the same time for cutting harmful electric radiation, ultraviolet and infrared lights. The ITO film is formed by first depositing a layer of SiO2 AR coating on the flexible PET film substrate, then spraying a transparent conductive ITO film on top; it is then cut up and lastly covered with a layer of protective film. ITO film is widely used in industries like mobile phones, LCD televisions, construction-use power-saving windows, solar batteries, information communication, laptops, digital devices, electrical car products and medical devices.

Singyes Solar has introduced cutting-edge film-rolling equipment from overseas and developed a production line for making touch-screen ITO film. The equipment has innovative functions, coupled with our sound processing and control systems, resulting in products with superior functions and stable quality. The ITO film is good in conductivity, transparent to visible light and highly reflective to infrared lights.