Renewable Energy

  • Large-Scale Solar System
  • Distributed Photovoltaic System
  • Smart Micro-Grid System

Refers to the installed capacity of more than 10MW, fixed the solar power system on the ground by solar mounting structure, including solar module, solar mounting structure, inverter system, phase transition system, transmission and distribution systems. Singyes in a professional team to offer comprehensive service for clients and to provide clean energy application around the globe.

Distributed PV power generation particularly refers to a distributed power generating system which adopts PV modules to directly convert solar power into electricity.

It is a new type of power generation and comprehensive utilization of energy with bright development prospects. It advocates the principle of short-distance operation, in terms of power generation, grid connection, conversion and utilization, and thus it can effectively boost the generation output from PV stations of the same size. Meanwhile, it also solves the problem of energy loss due to step-up transformation and long-distance transmission. Currently, distributed PV power generation system, the widely applied PV system, is found on the rooftops of buildings in cities. That type of PV project has to be connected to the public grid and supply electricity to power users nearby jointly with the grid. Accumulating years of experience, Singyes Engineering (H.K.) Green Energy Technology Corporation has developed various leading capabilities in the domestic sector, including system integration, project development in scientific and systematic manner, visionary and practical integration of technology as well as flexible and innovative asset management.

Exporeal 2015

The smart micro-grid system is composed of solar energy, wind energy, diesel generator, energy storage system and smart electricity meter. The power supply is flexible and especially suitable for island and remote areas. The diesel power generation can greatly improved by the system and reduce power generation cost and island pollution.

The research and application of our smart micro-grid system has made remarkable achievements, which has been well recognized by the state, Guangdong Province and the industry. The R&D technology has reached the international advanced level evaluated by expert scientific and technological achievements. Singyes has a number of megawatt-class photovoltaic system design, and has a wealth of theoretical and practical experience in the development of multi-energy distributed power generation system, high-power converter system, wind and solar power generation system, battery management system and other special research and development technology.
Our main research results are: 10 patents related to distributed power generation, including 2 PCT patents. In recent years, we mainly engaged in the research and development projects are: Zhuzhou Island 8kW "wind - light - firewood - storage complex energy system" demonstration project; Weihai 250kW amorphous silicon corridor; amorphous silicon photovoltaic Charge, inverter integrated system; reverse power detection system; Shenzhen Vanke Center Rooftop 250kW photovoltaic generation remote monitoring system; Dongao Island smart micro-grid system; Wanshan Island smart micro-grid system; Xiangtan 20.8MW photovoltaic power station and Xiangtan 2MW smart micro-grid system. We have enacted and compiled a number of national, industry and local standards, such as "Guangdong Province multi-energy complementary micro-grid system". In 2011 won the Chinese research cooperation innovation achievement award, and acquired Zhuhai Science and Technology Progress Award in 2012.
The Dongao Island smart micro-grid system project is first island-based MW-level "Scenery firewood storage" complementary project, opened the the new era of island's new energy use and smart micro-grid system construction for Singyes; We have established the world's largest solar roof power station in Xiangtan with installed capacity of 20.8MW, of which smart micro-grid system capacity to achieve 2MW.

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