Green Building

  • Curtain Walls/ Windows and Doors
  • External Wall Decoration Structure
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic

To provide high-performance, cost-effective curtain wall system for clients, including unitized curtain wall, unitized window and door, high-performance all kinds of windows and doors, aluminum louvers, construction sheet-metal, inorganic sheet curtain wall, building exterior sunshade system and other one-stop building facade solutions.

Singyes Engineering (H.K.) Company has accumulated 20 years experience in curtain wall and window and door systems, constantly adapt to the market demand, develop and produce different products to meet the needs of building facades. Experienced engineers provide tailor-made products for customers. We have acquired a series of patent products in curtain wall industry, including modular double curtain wall, detachable electric curtain hollow glass, internal circulation intelligent breathing curtain wall and cross-beam ventilation glass curtain wall. Products from research and development to fabrication and site installation, are running in the company's rigorous quality control system, to ensure that product quality is the objectives of company's quality system , make customer satisfaction is company philosophy.

Including metal roof system, skylight steel structure, canopy, steel construction and its decorative panels, FRP and GRC.

Exporeal 2015

Building facades in addition to curtain wall and windows and doors system, but also often use a variety of structural decoration system. Singyes Engineering (H.K.) Company accumulated a wealth of engineering experience, to provide customers with one-stop solution. We have experienced structural engineers, for all types of facade (roof) to calculate the structure for meeting the requirements of building appearance and structural safety. Singyes understands and is familiar with the performance and processing technique of various facade materials, providing the most suitable material connection scheme for the building facade.

Solar and building integration technology is the company's unique system, will be the perfect combination of solar panels and building components to provide continuous green power for the building.

Advantages of BIPV:

BIPV makes buildings multi-functional and highly technological

Power generation: BIPV system can generate its own electricity and provide electricity for users when it is grid-connected. This effectively solves the discrepancy in supply and demand during peak seasons and reduces the pressure of electricity supply.

Provides shading and keeps the building warm:When integrated with a building, it provides shading in summer and keeps the building warm in winter, saving power and reducing the energy waste in buildings.

Cost Reduction:Synchronises with the development design of the building. The system acts as a part of building and does not take more space, reducing repeated construction cost of the building and the cost of maintenance in the future.

Power saving and eco-friendly: Electricity is generated and can be used by building owner, lowering the loss through grid. It replaces the role of fossil fuels to generate electricity, hence solving the problem of shortage of fossil fuels in the long term, and helps to reduce air pollution and improve the environment.

Embellishment of buildings: It has an aesthetic exterior and interior. PV modules can be used by the whole or part of glass curtain wall and skylight.

Soundproof:The PV modules can effectively reduce the noise outside, and will not produce any noise when it is running and generating electricity. It is a quiet energy generator.

Secure structure:The PV module does not only generate electricity, it also has the advantage of not splattering even after the glass broken, making it a safe construction material.