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China-U.S. Clean Energy Research Center

U.S. President Barack Obama,Chinese President Hu Jintao and other leaders of the two sides advocated to establish the U.S-China Clean Energy Research Center, which is the Joint Research Institute response to the issue of energy and Climate Change. The two sides agreed to jointly invested $150 milion in the next five years, to support the cooperative research and development of Industry University Research Alliance in three areas of clean coal, clean energy vehicles and building energy-saving. The governments of the two countries signed < Protocol on cooperation between China and the United States on the Joint Research Centre for clean energy > CERC (Clear Energy Research Center), Energy saving part of the building is referred to as BEE (building energy efficiency). Thereafter, the Alliance named CERC-BEE.

Zhuhai Singyes Green Building Technology Co., Ltd. is the Chinese Enterprises Committee chairman organization of the CERC Building Energy Efficiency Alliance. The chief engineer Ms.Luo served as the committee chairman of the Chinese enterprises. Singyes fully participated the whole process of the projects related to building energy efficiency. Green YES become the representative project on behalf of the hot summer and warm winter area in ultra low energy demonstration project.

We will continue to fully participate in the CERC-BEE, strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States government and research institutions, contribute money and offer suggestions for the further energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction field.


As the sub item for U.S. president, Mr. Obama's visit to China, the government and enterprises of the two countries signed a total of eight bilateral and multilateral cooperation contracts and agreements in the signing ceremony of ‘Sino US cooperation plan on clean energy’ in the greet hall of the people in the afternoon of November 17, 2009.


In January 18, 2011, U.S-China Clean Energy Research Center held the opening ceremony in Washington.


The meeting was chaired by Vice Minister of science and technology Cao Jianlin. The vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Minister of science and technology Wan Gang, U.S. Department of energy secretary Moniz, U.S. ambassador to China Bocasdel attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


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Our firm commitment to sustainability presents us with very specific challenges as construction and the associated services are individual, local project business. At the same time, this commitment offers us extraordinary opportunities: Our projects almost always call for in-house Research and Development (R&D) services. We thus devise new kinds of solutions for construction projects and open up promising business areas, in keeping with our sustainability principles.

Research and Development secure our future. Sinyes is dedicated worldwide to innovative solutions that correspond with the needs of sustainability.

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