Building Integrated Photovoltaic

Solar and building integration technology is the company's unique system, will be the perfect combination of solar panels and building components to provide continuous green power for the building.

  • Advantages of BIPV:

    BIPV makes buildings multi-functional and highly technological

    Power generation:BIPV system can generate its own electricity and provide electricity for users around it when it is grid-connected. This effectively solves the discrepancy in supply and demand during peak seasons and reduces the pressure of electricity supply.

    Provides shading and keeps the building warm:When integrated with a building, it provides shading in summer and keeps the building warm in winter, saving power and reducing the energy waste in city buildings.

    Cost Reduction:Synchronises with the development and design of the building. The system acts as a building material and does not take up space, reducing repeated construction cost of the building and the cost of maintenance in the future.

    Power saving and eco-friendly:Electricity is generated at the user's side and can be used once it is generated, lowering the loss through cables. It replaces the role of fossil fuels to generate electricity, hence solving the problem of shortage of fossil fuels in the long term, and helps to reduce air pollution and improve the environment.

    Embellishment of buildings:It has an aesthetic exterior and interior. PV modules can be used by the whole glass curtain wall and glass roof, and can be used as decoration on transparent glass curtain walls or glass roofs.

    Soundproof:The PV modules can effectively reduce the noise outside, and will not produce any noise when it is running and generating electricity. It is a quiet energy generator.

    Secure structure:The PV module does not only generate electricity, it also has the advantage of not splattering even after the double glass breaks, making it a safe construction material.