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Business Scope

We have 4 oversea branch offices each in Hongkong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore, and expanded our business to worldwide area by providing solutions to meet our customers' specific requirements and demands with high quality products, reliable service and competitive pricing. The Products and Services we specialise include:


Design, fabrication, supply and installation of all varieties curtain wall systems such as unitized curtain wall system, double skin curtain wall system, stick curtain wall system, pointsupported curtain wall system, metal or stone cladding, metal or glass roofing systems.


Design, fabrication, supply and installation of high-grade aluminum door and window.


Solar power system: On-grid (off-grid) system, solar resource analyst and evaluation, PV roof (canopy) integration, PV and wind power plant, Solar LED lighting project, etc.


Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV): Specialized in the design, fabrication, installation and on-site management of BIPV and own amorphous silicon manufacturing line, etc.

Clients trust us to design the buildings and public spaces that shape communities and cities.

We design a wide range of building types that each excel at their function, provide a high-quality environment for people, strengthen our client’s brand and identity, conserve energy and water, and complement their contexts.

We design Residential, Commercial, Educational and Government buildings that sustain people, connect communities and protect the natural world.

We collaborate with our planners, consultants and engineers to create transformative urban environments.


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Governments
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Experienced Technical Team: - 603 Professionals

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Our companies with full experiences in curtain wall and solar industry. We have two fabrication facilities in Zhuhai and Xiangtan with state-of-art equipments. The annual production capacity of unitized curtain wall for each facility could reach 600,000 sqm. Currently we have two fully equipped plants. One is for curtain wall system fabrication which is 40,000 sqm. Another is for window and door, 10,000 sqm.

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We are arelaible engineeringexpertscooperate with many domestic and overseas supplier,targeting for providing the best-quality products and services for our clients, to develop and implement innovative solutions toour expecting challenges.

We connect expert supplier acrosshigh quality materials which are glass,aluminium panel, extrution, sealant and hardwareto deliver transformative outcomes. Worldwide, we design, fabricate andsupply in order to unlock opportunities and improve people’s lives.

We areSingyes. Built to deliver a better world.

These expert supplier, They are

Curtain wall Supplier Partner

Solar Supplier Partner

We provide Installation in Hongkong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore, our long term cooperate partners will do the installation in another area overseas.

National government clients, civilian agencies and private sector clients around the world depend on our expertise to manage their most complex and sensitive facilities.

Installations require specialized expertise in engineering, space planning, design and construction, along with a deep understanding of potential threats. Our approach brings together the best technical talent from across our company to deliver a full range of major facility and services.

Today, our specialized teams of project managers, field superintendents and technical specialists in estimating, procurement, BIM, MEP systems, risk management, structural/civil and sustainability deliver a wide range of project types in diverse settings..